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Fri 19th April 2013
“Innovate Today, Design Tomorrow” is this year’s theme.  Last century’s health practitioners created a health care system addressing the needs of their times but the ever-changing health environment means we must evolve to be able to meet the needs of future generations. This can only be achieved through innovative thinking and new approaches, and the creation of different models, or refinement of existing ones. Be inspired and be informed by world leaders and specialists in the arena of innovation and health care improvement who will...   more
Thu 11th April 2013
As of 1st January 2013 hospitals and day procedure services across Australia are required to transition to the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards. This conference will examine how to drive improvement through clinical governance. It will showcase best practice models from around the country demonstrating excellence on overarching NSQHS standards 1 and 2; safety, quality and consumer partnerships. Research shows that quality of working environment and interaction among professionals distinguishes hospitals with...   more
Wed 20th February 2013
Planning is well underway for the Congress in Canberra. WIth 2013 being Canberra's year of centenary celebrations, there will be plenty of activities to tap into.   more
Tue 5th February 2013
The transformation of the Canterbury Health System into an integrated model of health care delivery has been recognised locally and internationally as "inspirational" . Carolyn Gullery has played a key role in planning and enabling this transformation. Tested under fire in the 2010/11 earthquakes, the Canterbury "way of working" is credited with maintaining the delivery of high quality health services under extreme circumstances. In her role as General Manager Carolyn has been accountable for innovations such as the Canterbury Initiative,...   more
Thu 13th December 2012
Robust and efficient supply practices are central to delivering high quality health care services. Standard practice in healthcare supply is changing. Many health services are in a process of transformation, tackling the challenges presented by a tight fiscal environment and increased movement toward national standards. This conference will discuss: Benchmarking supply transformation across states and health services, Releasing cost efficiencies through innovation in supply, Improving contract management and evaluating...   more
Mon 23rd April 2012
The Australian Governance and Quality Conference is being held on 24 and 25 May 2012 at the Hilton on the Park, Melbourne.The Patient, the Population and the Politics Towards equity and quality in healthcareThe two-day conference will explore contemporary themes in the governance of health services within the context of current health reform.  A key focus will be the strategic allocation of resources to promote equity and quality of services. The conference will outline theoretical and practical approaches to addressing the changing...   more
Mon 14th November 2011
Mater Health Services is one of nine Wave 2 lead implementation sites for the PCEHR. Mater’s CIO, Mal Thatcher, gave some insight into the ups and downs of the ongoing project. The Challenge: Become a lead implementation site focusing on maternity patients for the PCEHR.The Approach: Create portals for clinicians, specialists and patients, and provide connectivity and information sharing between stakeholders.The Outcomes: Better information sharing has resulted between specialists and GPs.The Lessons Learned: Preparation and...   more
Thu 12th August 2010
Sydney IVF performs 6000 fertility cycles per year, but until recently its systems were paper-based. A shift to electronic healthcare records and a single patient identifier has streamlined this intensely private business. Joshua Gliddon reports.  -- The Challenge: Sydney IVF performs around 6000 IVF cycles per year. They had a paper-based record keeping system that needed to be brought into the 21st century. The Approach: Paper-based records were replaced with a single patient identifier and electronic healthcare records for...   more
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