Sunshine Coast's Oceanside Kawana Health Precinct is open for investment
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The membership of the Australian government’s PHCAG has been announced. Wed 17th June more
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What happens when the country's leaders gather at Health-e-Nation? Josh Gliddon reports the conversation was compelling, the content was serious, and laughs were also on the agenda. . Mon 8th June more

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The Australian government has announced the make-up of the newly appointed Primary Health Care Advisory Group, chaired by former AMA president... Wed 17th June more
Jim Longley is doing himself out of a job. Come June 30, 2018, a mere three years away, the man who is the Deputy Secretary for Ageing,... Mon 15th June more
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What happens when four of the nation's leaders get together on a very interactive panel, facilitated by the feisty MC Julie McCrossin? Hard... Mon 8th June more
The first Forum of the day at last week's Health-e-Nation 2015 focused on Person Centred Care – Valuing Outcomes and flowed on from keynote Pete... Mon 8th June more
Shane Solomon, managing director of Telstra Health, kicked off the Health-e-Nation Leadership Summit with a breakfast address that framed the... Fri 5th June more
Dr Joseph Siemienczuk is a pioneer in architecting what has become known in the United States as the Patient Centred Medical Home Model for... Wed 27th May more
With the next Health-e-Nation Leadership Summit just around the corner on June 2-3 2015, CHIK Managing Director, and the publisher of... Sun 24th May more