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NHS National Director for Patients and Information, Tim Kelsey. Fri 20th March more
The AIHI's move to Macquarie caused controversy, however Enrico Coiera says it's leading to better research. Tue 10th March more
Senator Deborah O’Neill is a passionate advocate for Australia’s healthcare system. Tue 3rd March more
New Zealand is embracing cloud computing to deliver better services and health outcomes. Mon 23rd February more

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“We know that small indignities in the hospital system if left unchecked can grow into disasters,” reflects Tim Kelsey, National Director for... Fri 20th March more
The move from the University of New South Wales to Macquarie University by the Australian Institute for Healthcare Innovation (AIHI) late last... Tue 10th March more
When Senator Deborah O’Neill is at parliament house in Canberra, she’s often taken to look at the giant flagpole atop the building for a moment... Tue 3rd March more
New Zealand is set to revolutionise the way it delivers health services and applications by embracing cloud computing services. Health Benefits... Mon 23rd February more
There’s no question the internet is a key part of our lives, with many people turning to online resources for first line information about their... Wed 18th February more
Queensland Health is set to roll out a series of community care units for people with serious mental health issues. The newest CCU, in... Tue 10th February more
The New South Wales government this week undertook an expansion of its innovative social bonds program, with mental health hospitalisations and... Thu 5th February more
There’s a revolution in healthcare taking place on the South Island of New Zealand. It’s being driven by Canterbury District Health Board Chief... Thu 29th January more