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A new co-op has been founded to provide a better deal for aged care workers – and the people they serve. Thu 1st October more
A recent forum looked at how technologies such as implants and 3D printing will impact on how hospitals are structured in the future. Tue 22nd September more
Sean Fitzgerald uses his personal experience with disability to help others use technology. Thu 17th September more
US-based Bellin healthcare is pioneering the use of social media tools to improve population health Sat 5th September more

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There are many challenges associated with Australia’s ageing population, including the cost of looking after people in the later stages of their... Thu 1st October more
The way we approach surgery and hospital treatments is set to radically change thanks to the rise of 3D biomedical printing, implants and other... Tue 22nd September more
Fifteen years ago Sean Fitzgerald had a mountain biking accident, breaking his neck which left him as a high level quadriplegic, with no... Thu 17th September more
Bellin Health, in the central US state of Wisconsin, is one of the leading Accountable Care Organisations in the US. It has widely adopted the... Sat 5th September more
According to Dr Kirsten Meisinger, there has been a paradigm shift in terms of healthcare in the west, and because of this the incumbent... Fri 4th September more
A new report has found that many Australians are undergoing unnecessary medical treatments, including treatments that have been found to be... Sun 23rd August more
There’s a long tradition of Australian doctors having multiple specialties. Dr Ewen McPhee is one of them. A rural GP obstetrician, he has... Tue 18th August more
According to Graeme Osborne, director National Health IT Board and Information Group, National Health Board, Ministry of Health, New Zealand, it... Mon 3rd August more